Dentist volunteering

Bike 4 Cambodia runs a dental clinic in Kampong Cham, Cambodia, The clinic opened during 2012 and since then a lot of Cambodian primary students have been to the clinic to get treated for their most immediate needs.

Since the start many foreign dentists have been visiting the clinic to work for between one to 3 weeks. Everyone that has been here to work has had a great time really enjoying treated the kids and also take part in more normal day to life in Cambodia.

Besides the dentist clinic we also have 5 toothbrushing projects in 7 different schools, in total there are 3100 kids brushing their schools daily. The kids in these 5 schools are all part of our Dental Care program SMILE 4 CAMBODIA.


Dental Clinic

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If you are interested in volunteering as a Dentist for Bike 4 Cambodia you are more than welcome.

If you want to discuss volunteering with us please drop us an email to



Please find some quotes from some of our Dentist volunteers below.

Pia Lif-Bimer, Narkoskliniken, Stockholm, Sweden
“Do you want to make a difference and create memories for life? In that case I recommend you to volunteer as a dentist or dental assistant in Cambodia! You will meet wonderful children and work in a very different environment”






Sigrid Schumann, Narkoskliniken, Stockholm, Sweden
“It was rewarding and challenging to work with the wonderful children in Kampong Cham”.






Pilar Cornejo,






Joakim Skott