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Day 2

The second day of boot camp began with a pineapple shake whilst watching the sun come up over the Mekong River.  Afterwards we hop on our bikes and head off along the waterfront to the library for our first lesson.  There are definitely worse ways to start the day!

Despite Chloe taking us on a bit of a detour, we eventually arrive to find masses of mopeds and bicycles already parked outside the library and the teachers raring to go.

I am working with John, Ella and Chloe running the teaching strategies classes.  The idea is that we introduce the teachers to new activities and approaches to teaching that they can take back and use in their own classrooms.

It was a little bit nerve wracking taking our first set of lessons, but the teacher’s enthusiasm meant that we soon forgot any worries and found that we were having a really good time! We started off with some ice breakers that made everyone laugh and got us all warmed up.  Then we all contributed to a huge crossword where we managed to incorporate everybody’s names into one grid.   Next up was an activity where the teachers had to unscramble sentences on the whiteboard. We finished the class with a game that involved getting into groups when the music stopped, which provoked much hilarity and bad dancing by Chloe and myself.

The day ended with sitting down and talking in small groups.  It gives the teachers a chance to practise their conversation and provides us with an opportunity to get to know them better.  One of the main topics of conversation was what they liked to do in their spare time.  A lot of the teachers don’t get much of an opportunity to relax.  Many of them use their weekends to catch up with the housework, plan their lessons for the upcoming week, help out on the family farm or take private English classes.  Several of them are studying for extra qualifications – they are teachers during the week and students at the weekend!  When they do finally get the chance to unwind, the teachers enjoy activities such as reading novels, taking walks along the river, playing volleyball, visiting relatives and watching television.

A number of the teachers told me that they were attending weddings this weekend – apparently it’s the season!  As I am getting married later this year, I was keen to find out a bit more.  The teachers told me that the ceremony is usually held at the bride’s home where older members of the family and community come and bless the happy couple.  Afterwards there is music, food and lots of dancing (very much like a British wedding then!).

It’s been a very busy and fun-packed day, so after some lesson planning and dinner, it’s definitely time for bed (by 9.30pm!!).    We need to catch plenty of z’s so that we are ready for tomorrow…….

Penny xx

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