About Us

Bike for Cambodia started as a thought to build a school in Cambodia.

During the spring of 2010 Ola Nilsson, Fredrik Olsson and Håkan Nilsson founded the non-profit organisation “Bike for Cambodia “. A few months later the trio set on their first fundraising event; a 6700km long bicycle trip across the American continent from New York to San Francisco.

The project, was successful  the money came in and in the first school called Tonlebet Primary school was built during 2011. After completion of Tonlebet school Bike 4 Cambodia started free English education for students in grade 4,5 an 6 in Tonlebet school and in nearby Krola school. The projects are successful and expands to include even more schools during the next 2 years.

During 2012 Bike 4 Cambodia built a new dental clinic at the Tonlebet school. The purpose of the clinic is to serve the students with free dental care. The need is massive and we hope the clinic will be able to treat many Cambodian students per year.

Bike 4 Cambodia also runs 7 toothbrushing projects. The first projects started in two schools back in 2012 and over time 5 more schools have been included in the project. Each schools gets a massive sink-water supply to provide facilities for tooth brushing. Now in 2017 we have 3100 students brushing teeth every day. The dental health in participating schools have improved a lot since the projects started.

During 2013 a Cambodian Bicycle fundraiser took place in Cambodia. The purpose was to raise enough money to build a new primary school at Krola school. The project was succes full and Krola school was opened in February 2014.

We believe that our efforts will provide better opportunities, improved health and education for the kids in Cambodia.

Bike 4 Cambodia is registered in Sweden as:  Bike for Cambodia. Organisation number  802452-6249

Bike 4 Cambodia is registered in the UK as: 4 Cambodia Registration number 1149440