Day 1 – From Kep to Takeo

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We had a very early start today & set off as soon as it was bright. After our group photo & some stretches a lovely stray dog joined us for the first part of the trip along by the sea.

As I had never been on a mountain bike & hadn’t cycled at all for over 20 years I was slightly concerned but within a few minutes I realised I needn’t have been & remembered just how much I actually enjoy cycling.

It was amazing going through the villages & seeing so many locals out waving & shouting to us. We saw some of the sweetest little children all with big smiles on their faces.

I couldn’t believe how locals travel here, sometimes you see 4 or 5 people on a motorbike, all without helmets. There are people not only packed into vans but sitting on the roofs as well.

I had my first experience of a squat toilet which really wasn’t good with a dodgy tummy!

The early morning was perfect for cycling before the sun came up. We went along some regular roads & then onto a very dusty dirt road where we got absolutely covered in red dust & looked like we had very bad spray tans.  In the afternoon the sun was out & it got really hot so we started to struggle a little.  After completing over 90km our first ride was done & I think we all ached in various places but had had a great first day. We had reached Takeo & I was tired but happy.

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